Monday 9 September 2013

此木為柴山山出,因火成烟夕夕多。This kind of wood is fire-wood

折字聯  佚名



 "Exploded Character" Chinese Couplet 
-- by Anon
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

(Version 'A')

This kind of wood is fire-wood;
They are produced in many a mountain.

Where there is smoke there is fire;
The ev'ning chimneys become smoke 


(Version 'B')

此 木 為 柴 山 山 出
'THIS WOOD' makes very good 'FIRE-WOOD';            
It's produced on 'HILL-UPON-HILL'.            

因 火 成 烟 夕 夕 多 

'SMOKES, FROM FIRES' on chimney-tops stood';       
'EV'NING-UPON-EV'NING' there are 'MORE' still.

Trans-literal translation: 
此   木    為   柴        山          山         出,
This  wood  is      firewood  mountain    mountain  produce,

因        火    成      烟      夕       夕       多。
Because  fire    makes   smoke   evening   evening  more.

The radical/character 此 + 木 = 柴 (meaning 'firewood')
('' means 'this' and '木'  means 'wood')

The radical/character 山 + 山 = 出 (meaning 'produce')
('山' means 'hill, mountain')

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