Sunday 24 May 2015

雕二 抬頭觀夜月頓首臆星河 Raising my head, I observe the Moon

《無題》  雕二

抬頭觀夜月    頓首臆星河

密密天空掛    悠悠地上哦

江湖人逝水    山岳客迷歌

宇內尋真去    人間假日多

No Title Poem
-- by diu2
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

Raising my head, I observe the Moon 
shining bright at night;
Bowing my head, the recall'd Milky Way 
swims into sight.
Up in the Skies, the Stars hang ever so 
densely, densely,
On the ground I utter the "Wow" sound so 
slowly, slowly.

Like under-the-bridge water, right'ous 
outlaws are no more;
Still, the mountain people by their own songs are enchanted.
Throughout the whole Cosmos, I search for Truth undiluted;
In Man's World, do-nothing-Holy-Days are more than before!

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