Thursday 2 July 2015

H: Animals are nice, but some are mean

"ANIMALS": Acrostic 離合體詩 No. 2 (of 2)
-- by H (then a Third Grader; written in class in 2014)

A -- Animals are nice, but some are mean,
N -- Newts are small, like a bean.
I  --  Igloos are home to polar bears,
M -- Meet them if someone dares.
A  -- Apples are home to little worms,
L  -- Lions sometimes have germs.
S  -- Seals are gray, you see goslings in May.

(well, the last line is written quite imaginatively, virtually two rhyming lines squeezed into one.
on line 3: really?of course i didn`t query the little poet. it`s perhaps her poetic way of saying the p bears had the former occupants for dinner before moving in.)
Acrostic n word puzzle, word arrangement, in which the first or the first and last, letters of the lines make a word or words.  
離合字謎, 離合體詩. 

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