Tuesday 24 May 2016

老年人 人生幾見夕陽紅? 往事無聲似逝風 In a lifetime how many times




`The Setting Sun`

-- by One Old Man
-- Translated by Frank C Yue
In a lifetime how many times
Will one see the red Setting Sun
Silently, past events away
Like the fleeing winds did fly;
Sparring with`cold weapons`today --
Reminiscing tomorrow what the poets have done,
As of now, we would still have much fun!

Translator`s Note:
As indicated in the original Chinese poem, the`cold weapons`above include --
1. The Old Mans`swift Broadsword -- ;
2. An unnamed combatant`s fabulous Spear -- ; (Could this be Shake-SpeareHaha!)
3. Golden Bow`s deadly Arrows -- 

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