Sunday 3 January 2016

李益 腰垂錦帶佩吴钩 With embroider'd ribbon running down our waist

【邊思】  唐 . 李益

腰垂錦帶佩吴钩,    走馬曾防玉塞秋。
莫笑關西將家子,    只將詩思入凉州。

        腰垂锦带佩吴钩,     走马曾防玉塞秋。
       莫笑关西将家子,     只将诗思入凉州。

Remembering the Borderland
-- by Li Yi (748-829)
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

With embroider'd ribbon down our waist running,

And razor-sharp curved sword in hand,
On horseback we defend our border-land,
For many Autumns, beyond the Pass stretching.

My friend, away your derisive laughs stow --

These sons of the Guanxi family do show
The General's exemplary bravery
That lives forever in Liangzhou history! 


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