Friday 1 April 2016

H: When I went to Peggy's Cove It was rainy and cold.

(Postcard photo by Dale Wilson)
 A gem (to me anyway) on the other side of the post card.)

Peggy's Cove No. 2 (of 2)
-- by H (then a 9-year-old Grade 3 student)
     written on-site on June 26, 2014.** 

     I went to Peggy's Cove,

    There was an ocean and I almost dove.
    Rocks, grass, and flowers,
    It was raining at that hour.
    There were lobsters, too,
    Daddy, Mommy, and I were wet, so were you!    

** (with some assistance by a walking rhyming-dictionary.) 

Peggy's Cove is a favourite Canadian tourist spot: 
a rugged fishing village on the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia.

This little poem "survives" because, as a special favour for grandpa, the poet wrote it on a postcard (see above photo) and mailed it from Peggy's Cove post office back to his residence (while the grandparents were accompanying the family on a 7-day cruise from Quebec City to Boston). 

 At Quebec City, our two families boarded the Holland America ms Veendam for a 7-day New England cruise.
                                                                                                            Rocks, grass, and flowers, 
                                                                                               It was raining at that hour.

But O, H's Peggy's Cove Poem No. 1 is somehow "lost"! 
From memory (and I am not too sure), it's something like:
          When I went to Peggy's Cove
        It was rainy and cold.
        The red and white lighthouse was tall,
        And I was so small ...
        Today, it was all mist and rain,
        One sunny day, I'll be back again! 

(Other places of interest en route ... for example:)
                   Simple Shao Lin stick-fighting techniques taught here. Any takers? 
                   Ee-aii-yaak! (3 consecutive strikes!)
 Members of the exclusive "Young Contemporary Poets" Club having some quiet moments at the edge of the Atlantic, NS. 
(The older guy is of course young at heart!)

As a continuation of humanity, they are truly priceless!

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