Sunday 17 April 2016

Roland: 余修健足強吾體 熾求和樂赤子心 I just have my leg repaired


Wish you a very speedy recovery!
Best regards,

I just have my leg repaired to keep a healthy body,
Fervently seeking peace, joy and the heart of a baby. 
thank you, roland, for the fine couplet. i'm already on the mend.

The following photo (with 31 staples) may be too graphic; viewer's discretion is advised.
My Brand New Right Knee

"Hey, Frank, an old friend's here visiting;

We'll have a little gathering.
Will you be coming?"
( To call to give you a lift for dinner, 
you know which neighbour?)

O My dear neighbour sweet,

Who lives across the street,
Thank you for your offer with kindness abound!
But I'd join you guys the next time around.
You may wonder why?
Here are the reasons, O mine.

1. Yeah! My right knee is just "reborn",
And the swelling's long gone,
But it's only three weeks on.

2. It needs to be broken in,
But it's not a perfect scene
My returning home since...

3. They gave me 'Endocet' after operation
For pain mitigation.
But I had most of the side effects listed!
I threw up, was nauseated, constipated,
I lost my appetite, my stomach was bloated...

4. They then changed the medication for me:
Tylenol with Codiene #3,
But the side effects persisted, though to a lesser degree.  

5. I don't have a nightly good sleep,
I'm still not quite the same me!
So, I won't be there this time,
Just enjoy your gathering, guys!

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