Wednesday 19 March 2014

一老年人 楊柳桃花間翠紅 蘇堤煙雨遠山濛 Peach flow'rs and the willows present bands o

楊柳桃花   蘇堤煙雨遠山濛   佳人為伴西湖岸 

163.  《七絕‧西湖》一老年人


Qī Jué ‧ Xī Hú:
"28-Character (7-character x 4 lines) Quatrain": 
"West Lake"
-- by 一老年人 'A Man of Advanced Years'
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

Peach flow'rs and the willows present 
                                    bands of red and green;
Hazy banks and distant hills in rain 
                                           and smoke are seen.
At the West Lake-shore, soft my Beauty 
                                                 naps on my side,
Were my wish granted, I would not 
                                                 ask for Paradise!

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