Monday 10 March 2014

夜月星河 片片濃雲去意悠 東風無力不勝愁 Thick clouds in the mackerel sky

《七絕 ‧ 深春郊行》夜月星河



Qī Jué Shēn Chūn Jiāo Xíng :
"28-Character Quatrain" 
"Late Spring Country Walk"
-- by 夜月星河  'Night Moon Starry River'
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

Version 1:

Thick clouds in mack'rel sky roll by at ease;
East Wind's dying, Sorrow's sighs 
                                            would ne'er cease.
The Cuckoo cries, shedding his tears ruby,
Riv'rside Willow Leaves weep beside th' ferry.  

Version 2:

Thick clouds in the mackerel sky;

Away, they leisurely roll by.
To detain Spring, East Wind's unable!
Endlessly thus sighs Sorrow feeble.

In farewell, cuckoos cry far and near,

Shedding many a crimson tear.
Along the banks, willow ribbons weep;
On country ferry they lightly sweep.

Rhyme schemes:
1. Chinese quatrian:  aaxa.
2. English rendition:  aabb ccdd.

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