Wednesday 19 March 2014

一老年人 暴雨風雷動地鳴 炎陽高掛百爭榮 Rains, Gusts, Lightnings and Thunders




TUNE: Yú Gē Zǐ  "The Singing Fisherman"
TITLE: Xià Rì Jǐng Qíng "Summertime Scenes"
-- by 一老年人 'A Mazn of Advanced Years'
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

RainsGusts, Lightnings and Thunders --
         They all come in majesty:
The Ground's shaken, torn there-under! 
The Fire Ball hangs high --
   All Flow'rs compete in vanity --
For his rays from the sky!

The white, white Clouds 
                              float by above,
The lush, lush green Trees exhale love.
On emerald Water, Lilies pink
Are smiling amid rippling rings.

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