Monday 12 October 2015

Bears (Poem 1 of 2) by C: an 8th Grader

Grade 8: Poem 1 (of 2) (written by a 13-year-old within 20 minutes on Oct. 16, 2015, PA Day)

Bears  -- by C
There are many different types of bears,
Black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, polar bears.
In summer, spring, or fall,
They hunt what they find, all.
They hunt in rivers, or streams for fishes,
Caribou and seals are also among their favorite dishes.
For in the winter, some bears hibernate,
And then, they depend on all they ate.
All bears fight hard to survive,
So that every year they can stay alive! 

Write me five poems today and this silver coin is yours!

I said so to my 13-year-old grandson last Friday when he came a-visiting.

Why five poems for a silver coin? 

Well, his younger sister -- last week with a temperature staying at my place -- quickly wrote five 8-line poems and earned herself a shiny twenty-dollar Canadian silver coin! To be fair, I just dangled the same carrot in front of C.   

In the the end, he could only come up with two 10-line poems. (That was because he was also reading his novel!) So, he now has a credit account for part of his silver coin. 

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  1. Chinese metaphors


    Life is like a leaf
    it falls slowly
    facing the emptiness


    Death is only a mirror
    reflecting the nature
    of things

    Anna Banasiak