Tuesday 22 October 2013

李清照 紅藕香殘玉簟秋,輕解羅裳,獨上蘭舟。Amid autumnal green petals, fades fragrance from pink lotus flowers

 【一剪梅】     南宋 • 李清照  

紅藕香殘玉簟秋,  輕解羅裳,獨上蘭舟。
雲中誰寄錦書來?  雁字回時,月滿西樓。

花自飄零水自流,  一種相思,兩處閑愁。
此情無計可消除,  才下眉頭,卻上心頭。

TUNE: Yī Jiǎn Méi  
            "A Cut Spray of Plum-Flowers"
TITLE: "Amid autumnal green petals,                         fades fragrance"
-- by LI QINGZHAO (1081-1151?)
     (Southern Song dynasty)

-- Translated by Frank C Yue

Amid autumnal green petals, fades fragrance from pink lotus flowers.
Taking off my silk robe, (m'self some                         freedom to afford --)
Alone, an orchid boat I blithely board.
Through clouds, who's sending me a letter              on the Geese that ply?
By the time the winged messengers return              with my reply,
Bright moonlight floods my western                        bower. 

Petals fall and blow,
Running waters flow;
The same strong longings we share,
In two places two hearts in despair! 
O Tell me please, would you,
How to clear sentiments so blue?
Grief knitted my eyebrows in deep frown,
Once released, Grief sinks for my heart to                drown! 

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