Monday 21 October 2013

Twinkle, Twinkle, "Pretty Stars"! I sorely know what you are. . .

"Twinkle, Twinkle, 'Pretty Stars'!
I sorely know what you are..."

-- by Frank C Yue  
        Plea 1 (of 2): 
        To certain Juice and Booze Drinkers 
        to please clean up your acts!

Twinkle, Twinkle, "Pretty Stars"              
I sorely know what you are...
When you appear on the ground
Close by the children's play-ground,
When I see your distinctive mark
In my neighbourhood green park.
Tell me, Twinkle "Pretty Stars",
Did you come from near or far?

In a moment of blind rage,
You vaulted onto the stage
To play out in compliance
Your past master's 'defiance'.
You're now basking in the sun,
But kids in fear from you run!
Clear, brown, green -- You're made of glass,
Like sharp diamonds in the grass.

Will you hear its plaintive cry
When a bleeding child asks why?
In tears: "Mamma, who would do such a                                thing?"
Throwing glass bottles like birds on the wing!

             Plea 2 (of 2): 

             To The e-Reader,
             When you're jogging or walking
             Should you come across sparkling
             Broken glass on the ground,
             Please do look around
             For discarded plastic bags or cup.
             Put it in and tie it up;
             Dispose of this safely.
             You'll be so happy --
             A child could be out of Harm's way --
             Count as your Good Deed of the Day!   

             (When no 'container' is to be seen
               I put the pieces on my palm and in-
               To, I throw them, the nearest rubbish bin.)

               Go to the 'links' below -- Wow!
               And see for yourself how
               One's deeds, including of course good deeds,
               Might not go unrewarded, indeed!
               So -- Come one, come all, O!
               Look for and pick up "fallen Pretty Stars" all --
               (Not just in the 'Diamond Park' in Arkanas) --
               Do be very careful though.

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