Friday 11 October 2013

Good-bye, My 7-Minute Friend! You'll be better if we e'er meet again.

"Good-bye, My 7-Minute Friend!"
-- A True Life Story by Frank C Yue

Good-bye, my 7-minute Friend!
Of yourself take care.
You – I should dare,
To do “Zhan Zhuang” each day, till we meet again!

At the Baptist U Chinese Medicine Clinic waiting room,
On some faces an air of Hope prevails than just Gloom.
I notice the crowd's much bigger than usual today;
They're here for moxibustion to keep their healthy way.

While waiting for my friend (who's in the ladies' room), I stand
Near the pharmacy and hold a “taiji ball” in my hands.
To stand “like a stake” behind the seated crowd I thought it's 'safe';
Still, a middle-age patient steals curious glances this way.

On an extra chair placed at the corner, the man's sitting;
From the looks on his face, I know he knows what I'm doing.
I approach him and ask, Want to learn some simple qigong?
His reply: “Why? I'm busy. Don't have the time, I don't...”

Most guys don't realize the flowing 'life-energy' in the body
Can be trained and strengthened for our good, and it's quite easy.
But one has to be persistent and do it every day!
Don't go overboard, on a healthy path you'll be on your way.

Here, just show me your hand, please.
Without touching, I put mine above his.
Your hand radiates heat, is very warm:
Your blood qi circulation's still quite strong.

Now, rub your hands vigorously, man --
Relax, let your palms face each other then.
Between your hands, in the space small,
Could you feel anything at all?

“Nooo, there's nothing. Nothing at all... No!”
Don't give up! Rub your hands more, and more,
To boost up your life-energy flow.
Right! Try it again, now, as before.

“Funny! Something's 'pulling' between my hands.”
That's your own qi,
Your vital energy!

Now, nourish your qi,
For a healthier “Me”!

With your feet shoulder-width apart (like so) – Just stand ... !
“I can feel the 'wind' coming from your hand ... !”
That's energy sent from mine, s
o more on qi you'd understand.
But ne'er do this you'self, do you comprehend?

Smiling, the man asks me to teach him “standing like a tree”.
My friend will be out, and we'll have only a few minutes more.
(We have another engagement, soon we will have to leave.)
He then remembers: “O! My Cousin once taught me this before!”

“Years ago, he was weak and suffered from some severe pain.
Someone taught him this very simple technique;
After training and months later -- it's so neat!
My Cousin's not just pain-free, but can lift weights again.”

“When I tried this years ago I used to sweat quite a lot,
And, also, my inside quickly became quite hot.”
Congratulations! These indeed are very good signs.
Your body's healing itself!! But you stopped long ago -- Why?

He just shrugs his shoulders and gives me no reply.
Having been there m'self, I know how enthusiasm died...
(My friend comes out refreshed and it's time to say Good-bye.)
Find your Cousin! Do it each day and 'Never Say Die'!

I wasn't talking here to you without a reason good;
Be accountable for your actions or non-actions, you should.
If you choose not to do anything, just rub your hands each day!
That's the least you should do to help yourself in a small way.

On my way out -- I look at my watch, 7 minutes gone;
I see the man's still standing, “wuji” style, with a broad smile.
Keep on standing... by other distractions don't be beguiled.
From here, you have a long way to go -- 
Standing, just keep on...

Be persevering, my 7-minute Friend!
You'll be better if we e'er meet again.
(From each other, as we part

I say a prayer for him in my heart.)

A word of caution:

Doing “Zhan Zhuang”, a passive, mindless form of very powerful martial arts as well as internal-energy training technique, is usually quite safe. However, beginners should be fore-warned that even at the beginner's level one might be drawn, on very rare occasions, unknowingly to the supernatural, if one is not careful and too eager to obtain extraordinary results within a short period of time.

There are basic "Do's and Don't's". Do not try to practise just on your own. You should learn the basics and start practising in a proper class or small group under the guidance and instructions of a competent and qualified teacher or sifu.

        In reality,
        Who will, who may, who can, who would,
        Who shall, who might, who should, who could
        Write such a trivial thing
        Like the above happening?
        -- O Probably, on one but me!
        (Just don't take this too seriously.)

The above short true-story, as told, does not of course cover everything that transpired in the clinic that morning. In fact --

1. The man did tell me his family name (towards the end, for he knew I know something and was there to try to help him). He is Mr. Lau; we spoke in Cantonese. He asked for mine. My reply: My name's not important. What I'm going to tell you and show you in person is.

2. Why was I so keen to grab his attention (-- transmitting in public my own precious energy to force open, time and again, his 'slumbering' palm-centre acupoints -- ) and teach him the simple but v powerful and effective "standing like a stake" qigong?  Because... he's a rather sick man. He badly needed to learn the technique to boost up his already weakened, damaged lung functions and immunity system...

3. When I walked towards Mr. Lau and breached his personal space (of about 3 feet in radius) I was at once attacked by a v strong, pungent odour and a wave of highly toxic (though invisible) tobacco smoke that surrenders him all the time! It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to guess that he must be a chain smoker for many years and he was coughing, too, rather badly!

4. So, my first words to him were: You should really cut down on your smokes! But I could almost see the words come out straight from his other ear. He had hardened his heart for all advice given on this particular issue.

5. My 7-minute friend had wanted to exchange phone numbers to follow-up. I told him somewhat apologetically I won't be sticking around for long; as a visitor, I'll be flying out of the city. I simply bounced the ball back to his court and his Zhan Zhuang practising Cousin.

6. I was glad the 'primer' qi I sent him resonated with his, giving him a strong motive to get himself re-acquainted with Zhan Zhuang. With perseverance, sustained efforts and regular practice, this will bring out his full potential physically and mentally and be beneficial for his health.

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