Tuesday 11 February 2014

一老年人 碧水浮圓翠 紅蓮出綠塘 Atop the green water, float the emerald plates round

《南歌子 ‧ 蓮》 一老年人



TUNE: Nan Gor Zi  "Southern Song Singer"
TITLE: Lian  "Lotus"
-- by  一老年人 'A Man of Advanced Years'
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

Atop the green water, float the emerald 
                                                        plates round;
Red lotus flow'rs in the aquamarine 
                                                    pond are found.

Chaud! Chaud!
Hanging Summer Sun's hot like so!
A jade lotus blossom blooming,
Scented coolness faintly streaming!

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