Tuesday 4 February 2014

Cyberman 2046: Patches and patches of white cloud drifting 雲片片,點樹桃花紅又見

             《歸自謠 . 春影》 夜月星河



TUNE: Guī Zì Yáo "My Own Song of                               Returning" (34-character Ci)
TITLE: Chūn Yǐng "Spring Shadows"
-- by 夜月星河 'Night Moon Starry River'
-- Translated by 'Cyberman 2046'

Patches upon patches of white 

                                               cloud a-drifting,

Rouge peach flow'rs again in the 

                                              trees decorating.

Warmth to Earth and the deep 

                 courtyards the Sun's beaming;

Twittering, two swift swallows 

                                   in love are screaming.

Warblers gaily singing, 

Passers-by faces the easterly breeze 


hi, Cyberman 2046,

thank you for your fine efforts in the many renditions posted

on the blog.  i saw in your contributions maybe a shadow of 

myself some years ago. keep up the good work!

i've taken the liberty of posting, w/o prior consultation, the 

above slightly-amended suggested version of your piece (vide

my post dd. 27/01/2014) for your consideration, please.

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  1. Hi Frank,
    I am glad that you like my rendition. It's no problem. By all means, please post it for everybody to share. That was the original idea of posting. I have further improve a bit on it:

    Patches upon patches of white cloud are drifting,
    Peach flowers on the trees once again in rouge are decorating.
    Warmth to Earth and deep into the courtyard the Sun's beaming,
    Two swallows flying in pair are twittering.
    Warblers are gaily singing,
    In the easterly breeze, passers-by’s face feels warming!

    I think this rendition can still be improved. I welcome anybody's comments.

    After reading YK Kwan, Andrew WF Wang and your blog, I have reactivated mine. Hope you like it. Any comments are welcome.