Sunday 2 February 2014

一老年人 愁,望盡飛鴻獨倚樓 Grief and woe --

  《十六字令 • 春望》 清 • 堵霞
              春歸否, 尚在柳梢頭。


《十六字令 • 老年人


          天涯路,  舊憾在心

TUNE: Shí Liù Zì Lìng  "16-character Ci "

TITLE: Yǐ Lóu  "Leaning on Mansion"
-- by 一老年人 'A Man of Advanced Years'
--  Translated by Frank C Yue

Grief and woe --

Alone leaning, up the mansion,
I watch till the last goose passage;
Still, from you there is no message!

Long road fades in the horizon,

Gnawing my heart, sorrows of old!

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