Sunday 5 January 2014

波浪男兒 屋後山前九曲溪 北窗高卧夕陽西 Behind my house, the stream makes nine turns

           《秋日幽居》    波浪男兒

    屋後山前九曲,  窗高卧夕陽西
    蟲鳴唧唧應秋雁,  鹿逐呦呦隨曉
    一嶺延綿烟霧外,  獨峰聳入碧雲
    荒郊冷月歸人晚,  宿鳥棲林猶夜

Qiū Rì Yōu Jū:

(An original and unique poem in Chinese composed with 'specified words' as dictated by a witty couplet.)

-- by 波浪男兒 'Wave-Chasing Guy'
-- Translated by by Frank C Yue

Behind my house, the stream makes nine turns 

                    and towards the mountain flows forth;
When the Sun sets in the west I'm still in bed 

                                             by the window north.
The cricket's loud 
chirping in response to 
                   th'Autumn wild-geese cries, there goes;
The barking deer chases after the doe 
                                       as morning cocks all crow.
The majestic mountain range stretches long 
                                   through the smoke and mists;
Tower'ng high, the lone summit rises up the 

                               sky, does the bright clouds kiss.
In the deserted country, a man returns late in

                                                 the cold moon-light;
Nested birds in the woods still sing now and 

                                             then in the young night.

此七言律詩是 波浪男兒 因 對聯:

       《 屋北鹿獨宿,

而作,詩中韻句首字與尾字皆是順序用對聯二句之字,不能更改,故有 (屋、北、鹿、獨、宿) 等字用作詩句之首字。
( 聯首句 “屋北鹿獨宿” 全是入聲字,故不能用作韻脚,祗能順序放入詩句作首字。

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