Wednesday 15 January 2014

弘一法師 一切皆歡喜 百福自莊嚴 Meet whatever that comes

弘一法師 曾集《華嚴句》成一對聯:

   一切皆歡喜, 百福自莊嚴。

Buddhist Couplet:

-- (re-arranged) by Monk Hongyi (1880-1942)
Translated by Frank C Yue

Meet whatever that comes your way 
                               with joy and gladness;
Savour your hundred fortunes with

                                  solemn gratefulness.

from an old post in another blog:

<懶豬豬: 南兄,秋語魚兄,

一切皆歡喜 百福自莊嚴。>

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