Wednesday 4 June 2014

夜月星河 烈士何年壯志伸 廣場昔日舊啼痕 O When? Will leveling Justice

毋忘六四民運 七絶》夜月星


Qī Jué28-Character Quatrain
 "Forget not the 6/4 Democracy Movement"

-- by 夜月星河  'Night Moon Starry River'
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

O When? Will leveling Justice ever be done
To all the (valiant, young, hopeful) Martyred Ones?
At the historic Tiananmen Square lovable,
Stains of Freedom’s tears and blood just un-washable!

O The shining, bright burning Torch of Liberty,
From generation to generation, pass on … !
Let the unending quest for True Democracy
Keep our  (thousands-of-year) National Spirit strong! 

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