Wednesday 29 October 2014

林超 官貪儒盜遍神州 此風幾時休 Corrupt officials, thieving scholars

《訴衷情 林超

官貪儒盜遍神   此風幾時

心力   夢懷   憤難
萬民怨   絲絲如

TUNE: "Innermost Feelings Outpoured" Ci
TITLE: Grievance
-- by Lam Chiu
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

Corrupt officials, thieving scholars –
They are all over The Land.
O When will this malpractice end?
Pure white Snow and cold Plum Tree,
They both welcome each other:
Such noble characters where can one find?

So exhausted one’s body and mind,
Worrying dreams of anxiety –
Teething anger for all to see!
Fair Treatment the People demanding:
Their Grievance like catkins flying,
Like flood-water freely drifting!

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