Monday 27 October 2014

七月星 春雨暗無晴 青鳥無聲 The long Spring Rains


管治昔求精,生活豐盈。                                    國民安泰有人情,         

TUNE: "Waves Scouring Sands" Ci
TITLE: Fragrant City Rudely Awaken'd from Her Dream
-- by 七月星 'Seven Moon Star'
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

The long Spring Rains blot out the Sun,
Of the gay Blue Bird song there’s none!
Remembering the past sadly,
Could we see the Future clearly?
It’s a World chaotic and fuzzy,
Is it Black, White or Gray?
It’s difficult to say.

Governance by “Elite Masters”,
Life was quite good in the old days.
Stable socio-economic:
The City prosper’d in all her ways,
And People did care for each other.
From her Sweet Dream awaken’d rudely –
O Bless please our Fragrant City!

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