Monday 11 August 2014

秋瑾 休言女子非英物 夜夜龍泉壁上鳴!Down the slope slippery Sliding is m’beloved Country!

         祖國沉淪感不禁 秋瑾

     祖國沉淪感不 閒來海外覓知
     金甌已缺總須補, 為國犧牲敢惜

     嗟險阻,嘆飄, 關山萬里作雄
     休言女子非英物, 夜夜龍泉壁上

"Down the slope slippery
  Sliding is m’beloved Country!"
-- by Qiū Jǐn(1875~1907)
     the first female Chinese revolutionary martyred
     towards the dying days of the Manchu Dynasty   
-- Translated by Frank C Yue 

Down the slope slippery
     Sliding is m’beloved Country!
There goes my lament boundless --
     I need to seek and find
More like-minded Comrades fine,
     While travelling aboard listless.
The broken golden vase, you see,
     Soon mended it must be.
For my Country: Die
     Willingly will I!

So lonesome, with obstacles in piles,
     For thousands of miles,
Upon thousands of miles,
     I will trudge on un-beguiled.
O Do not ever tell me –
   Fighting as well as men, women can’t be!
My sharp sword hanging on 
                                   the wall each night      
    Cries out most eagerly for a good fight!

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