Tuesday 20 May 2014

一老年人 楓,葉謝寒霜披彩虹。When Frost comes their Leaves wither and die





TUNE: Shí Liù Zì Lìng "16-Character Ci "
TITLE: Feng  "The Maples" 
-- by 老年人 'A Man of Advanced Years'
--  Translated by Frank C Yue

The Maples –

Thanking the Frost, Maple Leaves then die,

Putting on colours of the Rainbow.

Launch’d from branches, they transform into 


Dancing wild with the West Wind in sorrow! 

Translator's Note:

''in 葉謝寒霜寒霜 is a pun, meaning both 'wither'and 'thanking'the Frost that facilitates their transformation.

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