Thursday 14 March 2013

李白 蜀僧抱綠綺﹐西下峨眉峰。The monk from Shu, holding his lute-case green,

【聽蜀僧浚彈琴   唐李白
蜀僧抱綠綺﹐  西下峨眉峰。
為我一揮手﹐  如聽萬壑松。
客心洗流水﹐  餘響入霜鐘。
不覺碧山暮﹐  秋雲暗幾重。

On Hearing Monk Jun, from Shu (Sichuan),
Playing His Lute
-- Li Bai (701-762)
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

The monk from Shu, holding his lute-case green,         
Comes westwards down E-mei Mountain serene.
With a stroke of his hand, he plays for me --
From a thousand valleys -- waves of pine tree.

My heart is cleansed in the lute's brook running;
The clear frosty bell's echoes are stunning.
I see not the blue mountains darkening, 
Nor the layer'd Autumn clouds, when I'm harkening.

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