Thursday, 14 March 2013

李白 暮從碧山下﹐山月隨人歸。Softly down the emerald mountains Evening roam'd; Rising from the mountains the Moon followed us home.

【下終南山過斛斯山人宿置酒】  李白

暮從碧山下﹐  山月隨人歸。

卻顧所來徑﹐  蒼蒼橫翠微。

相攜及田家﹐  童稚開荊扉。

綠竹入幽徑﹐  青蘿拂行衣。

歡言得所憩﹐  美酒聊共揮。

長歌吟松風﹐  曲盡河星稀。

我醉君復樂﹐  陶然共忘機。

Xià Zhōngnán Shān guò Húsī Shān Rén sù zhì jiǔ
("Doww Zhongnan Mountains: Staying Overnight and Drinking at Hermit Husi's Cottage")
-- by LI BAI (701-762)
-- Translated by Frank C Yue
Softly down the emerald mountains Evening roam'd;            
Rising from the mountains the Moon followed us home.                 
Looking back at the winding path we came, it seem'd            
Like a jade ribbon on the hills aquamarine.                                     
My friend and I walked to his farmhouse, hand in hand.                 
Children opened the thatch door (and 'round us did stand).  
Strolling on the bamboo-lined verdant trail serene,                         
My clothes brushed light on both sides the vibrant vines green.      
Rested, we talked -- lost in each other's company;                           
Bottles of fine wine warmed the glowing harmony.                         
We sang, chorus'd by the rustling wind and pine wave,                            
Till no more were songs and stars in the Milky Way.                      
I 'm drunk and you are amused again, and again!                                     
Forgetting all cares, for what more can we ask then?   

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