Monday 11 March 2013

徐志摩 我是天空裡的一片雲,偶爾投影在你的波心。A cloud in the sky am I,Casting a shadow casually On your stirred wavy bosom gently

A cloud in the sky am I,  Casting a shadow casually On your stirred wavy bosom gently.

《偶然》-- 徐志摩



OU RAN ("Casually")
-- by XU ZHIMO (1897-1931)
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

A cloud in the sky am I,
Casting a shadow casually
On your stirred wavy bosom gently.
Be not surprised,
Nor happy be --
For in a flash, I'll have passed by.

Upon the sea in a dark night,
You and I by chance met.
You went on your way, I mine, after all.
This rendezvous you may yet recall;
But still, you'd better forget
From that confluence the begotten bright light.

Translator's Notes :

1. On line 1, "bosom" is the perfect homonym translation for "波心" (which is itself highly sexually suggestive) -- with triple meanings (from my high school e-c dictionary) as follows:
(a) (old use) person's chest; woman's breasts; part of dress covering this.
(b) centre or inmost part, where one feels joy or sorrow.
(c) midst: e.g. in the bosom of one's family.

2. On the last line, why use the word "confluence" (i.e. 'flowing together, especially a place where two rivers unite') for 「雲 -- 水」「交會時」?
The cloud 「雲 」: the poet, is water -- in vapour form (that's Yang and male) while the sea water「水」:the heroine, is also water -- in liquid form (that's Yin and female).

據說這首詩是徐氏離開英國的 林徵音(又名徽因,十六 歲時在康橋認識 徐志摩) ,在回中國的郵船上所寫。(一說此詩寫於1926年5月,初載同年5月27日《晨報副刊 • 詩鎸》第9期,署名志摩。這是 徐志摩和陸小曼 合寫劇本《卞昆岡》第五幕裏老瞎子的唱词。)

<清末同盟會革命志士 林覺民 是梁啓超之媳,梁思成之妻、著名建築師和作家 林徵音 的堂叔 。林徵音 又是著名作家,詩人 徐志摩 的前度女友。>

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